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Monday, 13 February 2012

When the little ones are sacrificed as pawns-as Solo Madzore seems to have been forgotten

By Blessing Vava
The forgotten MDC-T youth Chairperson Solomon  Madzore
during happier times with his brother Hon P.Madzore
Usually in a game of chess, the pawn is the  smallest and weakest piece, historically representing infantry, or more particularly armed peasants. Both players  have eight pawns each and usually  are positioned in the frontline, and their role is to protect the King and his Kingdom.  And most a times pawns are often sacrificed to protect the King and usually pawns are the ones that are lost the most during the course of the game. In politics its mainly the youth that are sent out for riskiest  jobs, as the older generation are holed up in the comfort of their offices. Typical of pawns, the young people are thrown at the frontline of the struggle and are mostly the biggest victims. ZANU PF is a classic example. The party introduced the Border Gezi youth training to instigate violence. After that most of the youths were dumped and are now living as paupers.The case of Julius Malema and the ANCYL, who catapulted  Zuma to power , defended him during his rape and corruption case and later thrown out of the party by  Zuma, is another living example. To say the least, the MDC seems to have copied ZANU PF's style of using the youth and dump them when there are done.

Wining with the devil
Iron Lady-Theresa Makone-Home
Affairs co-Minister tried to force
the release of ZANU PF's Mutasa jailed
65% percentage of the country’s total population are below 35years and they play a very important role in political processes, but are often used by the older generation and marginalised at the end of the day.  Often referred to as the vanguard, young people continue to be used and abused by politicians who care for nothing else but their fat pockets and selfish gains.

Never visited Madzore-MDC-T President
Morgan Tsvangirai
The case of  jailed MDC Youth chairperson Solomon Madzore,  arrested on the 4th of October on trumped-up murder charges of a policeman in Glen View last year has really touched my heart. Since October, Madzore has been fighting for freedom but has been denied bail on several attempts. My worry and disappointment is mainly targeted at the MDC-T leadership for their lack of concern  and the way they have handled the Madzore’s case so far. Firstly, by now, shockingly Morgan Tsvangirai has not yet paid a visit to Madzore in prison, Solo is no ordinary party activist but his youth chairperson. I’m sure Madzore is wondering why his president has not paid him a visit 3 months in custody. I doubt if these guys are looking after his wife and family. It’s quite obvious that Madzore feels betrayed and will come out of Chikurubi a disappointed man because it seems these guys have turned their backs on him. During the incarceration of MDC treasurer, the MDC threatened to pull out of government demanding his immediate release, and surprisingly one wonders how Bennett’s case is different from Madzore’s.

Exiled MDC-T treasurer Roy Bennet, the MDC
threatened to pull out of government demanding his release
Secondly, to much surprise was Tsvangirai’s leaked letter to Mugabe, which he made no reference of Madzore when he was complaining  about arrests targeted at MDC officials. Instead, he referred to the cases of Timba and Makone, both ministers and surprisingly they spent a few days in custody unlike Madzore and crew who are now clocking four months in custody. So does it also mean that Ministers are special beings than others Mr Prime Minister?  Thirdly, its Theresa, the co-Minister of Home Affairs, who at one time accompanied ZANU PF’s Mutasa to the police station trying to use her powers to force the release the latter’s son out of custody. One wonders why she has not attempted to do so in the case of Solo?

Fourthly, the MDC Youth Assembly’s Free Solo Madzore campaigns seems insincere. They attempted a demo in Bulawayo and did one in Masvingo. My question is why Bulawayo and Masvingo first? Madzore is detained in Harare not Bulawayo or Masvingo.  One wonders their sincerity nor motive regarding these so-called Free Madzore campaign of theirs? Logic would tell you that the first if not most protests should be done here in Harare.  Madzore is detained in Harare he attends court in Harare and so we expect the leadership of the youth assembly to do more in demanding the release of their leader here in the capital rather than small cities. Rather than do silly processes meant to fatten their pockets using the name of their leader.

Therefore, i wish to make an emotional plea to the entire MDCT leadership principally Morgan Tsvangirai not to segregate especially key members of his party if they are arrested. We do expect him to amplify his voice regarding Madzore’s arrests rather than speaking as if his Ministers are super beings than others.  I wonder why the MDC leadership seems to  care less because of their suspicious silence? Does he really deserve to be suffering like this? The Youth Assembly is a critical component in the party and Tsvangirai should be aware. They will be an election soon therefore I encourage all the youths not to be used as pawns by these selfish politicians but also demand and take up leadership roles and positions.   We have all seen how a majority of the young people who worked tirelessly during the 2008 election have been dumped without anything of benefit to improve their livelihoods whilst the big politicians seem to have found comfort in the extravagant shaky inclusive government.

Blessing Vava writes from Harare and can be contacted on blessingvava@gmail.com, this article was first published on blevava.blogspot.com