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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

NCA Chairperson Prof Madhuku calls on the EU to support far reaching reform efforts

Copanhagen- The National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) chairperson Professor Lovemore Madhuku today called on the EU
to support far reaching reform agenda being presented by the civil society in Zimbabwe. Profesor Madhuku said this while addressing EU parliamentarians in Copanhagen,  at a meeting  organized by the Zimbabwe EU Network at the EU Parliament and hosted by the Chris Steward Agnew MEP UK on Zimbabwe the new constitution and way forward to a free and fair election.

At the meeting  the constitutional law expert warned that listening to politicians and political parties alone will not be adequate to giving meaningful support to the reform agenda.
File photo-Professor Madhuku addressing villagers in Mhondoro

“The current situation requires that the EU work closely with the regional block (SADC) if they want to be relevant to the resolution of
the Zimbabwean crisis. But ultimately the key stakeholders are Zimbabweans themselves. We call on the EU to invest much more in civil society if Zimbabwe is to realize a real democratic change,” said the NCA leader.

Madhuku told the parliamentarians that there are three groups of people who are all engaged in a struggle. The first group being Mugabe
and his political elites who are clearly engaged in a struggle to remain in power.

He argued that the second group is the opposition political elites who are engaged in a struggle for Mugabe to ‘’go.’’

The third and last group being Zimbabweans who believe that their struggle is for a much more far deeper reform agenda which do encompass the Mugabe must go discourse but looks beyond just his replacement to a much more opening democratic space.

Prof Madhuku warned that with the current environment it is not
possible to have a free and fair election.

Munjodzi Mutandiri, NCA Regional Coordinator, who is accompanying the NCA chairperson updated the meeting on the levels of violence in the country. Mutandiri said the
NCA campaign to end political violence has been mobilizing communities to help stop the scourge of violence.

Meanwhile the NCA delegation addressed the Danish portfolio committee on foreign affairs at the Danish parliament. Later today there are scheduled to address a seminar at Centre of African Studies, University of Copenhagen / Auditorium 12 / KĂžbmagergade 46, 4th DK-1150 Copenhagen K, under the topic, " Political Challenges in Zimbabwe's Transition." NCA Publicity