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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Bonzo gatecrashes at Chuibuku

Bonzo gatecrashes at Chibuku

By Blessing Vava

Harare:Veteran broadcaster and comedian Lawrence Simbarashe was yesterday embarrassed  after he was denied access to the VIP section at the Chibuku Road to fame music finals at the Glamis Arena.

Popularly known as ‘Bonzo’ or ‘Kule Kule’ the fading celebrity, Simbarashe tried to enter the VIP section without an accreditation tag but was blocked by some security personnel who were manning the VIP entrance. Bonzo, who was visibly drunk  charged at the security details saying that he deserved access to the VIP and that he does not need any accreditation tag because he is an artiste and that he had done some work for Delta Beverages in the past.

A security official manning the entrance said that he could not allow the popular actor to get in because he was not accredited. ‘Although we all  know him our instruction is that for one to get in they have to show an accreditation tag. We told him just that but he could not understand and instead started to insult us. We were left with no option but to turn him away,’ said the security detail who refused to be named. 

An angry Simbarashe was escorted away by freelance journalist  Valentine Maponga who had tried in vain to negotiate for Simbarashe to be allowed entrance. After the incident Simbarashe told this reporter that in future organisers of such events should not segregate artists as he felt he did not deserve the treatment he got. Simbarashe said: ‘’I’m very much disappointed with the treatment I got here, I have done a lot  for the arts industry in Zimbabwe and for Delta Beverages but this is what I get at the end of the day.’’

Simbarashe later managed to gain entrance to the VIP section after the intervention of some officials from Delta Beverages and could be seen gulping the holy waters to much excitement. Efforts to get a comment from the show organisers were fruitless.