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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Eye-Water dumps MiC Inity

By Blessing Vava

For  years he has been the main curtain raiser of popular reggae crooner’s show MiC Inity, Chivhu born dancehall artiste Eye-Water has decided to go it alone. The name Eye-Water is not new especially  to those who frequent Red Fox Hotel on Fridays or the Mannernburg  Restraunt in Harare were MiC Inity usually hold his shows and they can testify that the dreadlocked is a genius on the microphone. As the main curtain raiser Eye-Water is a favourite to many because of his immense talent and had become a hit at MiC Inity’s shows.

In an exclusive interview Eye-Water said that he felt that he had now matured enough and it was now time to do his own staff. ‘’I feel this is time that i do my own staff because i cannot be a curtain raiser for life,’’ said the soft spoken artist. He however dismissed speculation that he had a fallout with MiC Inity indicating that MiC Inity was more like a brother to him.  ‘’Me and MiC have come a long way and we have been working well together since 2008,’’ Eye-Water added.

 Born Gerald Masara on the 26th of July 1987 in Chivhu, Eye-Water was schooled in the City of Kings, Bulawayo at Milton Boys High school from primary to High school.  It was at Milton Primary School that Masara was first involved in the arts when joined the theatre club. On the music scene Eye-Water said that he was identified by veteran musician and producer Isaac Chirwa who encouraged him to take music seriously as a career. Since then the dreadlocked artist has never looked back.

 Unlike his colleague MiC Inity who has been concentrating on playing cover versions from Jamaican musicians, Eye-Water has several compositions from his upcoming album and  he has been playing them at his shows. The 12 track album titled Zimbabwe,   has dancehall, hip-hop and conscious tracks that will certainly be hits to many dancehall music lovers.   The album was produced by Jamaican born producer MacGyver and Ice Rain at their Blue Stone and Law Gun studios respectively and will be marketed by Zim One records.

On his career, Eye-Water said that he wants to extended his territory and not been confirmed in Harare alone. He has since assembled a band and has lined up a number of live shows this festive season. ‘’I have realised that without  a live band you cannot grow in the music industry and i guess this is the reason why Winky D is now playing with a live band,’’ he said.