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Thursday, 22 September 2011

ZINASU warn MDC-T against interference

ZINASU warn MDC-T against interference

STATEMENTS — BY  ON JANUARY 11, 2010 12:09 AM 
ZINASU Press Release: 9 January 2010 
The Zimbabwe National Students Union wishes to dismiss a story as utter hogwash a carried out in the latest edition of the Movement for Democratic Change tabloid ‘The Changing Times” dated 8 January 2010 with the purported new National Executive Council for the Zimbabwe National Students Union. We are shocked that a reputable political party in the mould of the MDC is dragging itself into student politics. 
For the record the story is not true, as a matter of fact ZINASU will be convening its 7th Bi-Annual Congress on the 28th to the 31st of January 2010, and that is when a new leadership will be elected not by the MDC but by the students’ congress. 
We have known for quite sometime the agenda of some donors and an elite class blessed by these donors to try and destroy ZINASU. From that background we then begin to wonder as a student movement if our allies-the MDC are responsible for the publication or it’s this elite-donor project that is just imposing itself on the party of excellence.
The MDC is a party of the working class, the peasants, students, the vulnerable and the poor of this country. It is not and will never be a party of the elite neither will it be a party of the donors.
It is therefore a party that is expected (reasonably so) to understand the struggles of the students of this country. This makes us to question the origin of the so called Changing Times tabloid. Is this mouth piece being produced at number 44 Nelson Mandela Avenue or somewhere else? One begins to wonder! 
It is in this context that we wish to strongly warn the party to respect our sovereign and autonomy as a student movement. The challenges facing the country are huge and enormous and the Party must focus on these.
We further warn the party (as founder members of this working class movement) to be wary of neo-liberal takeover of the party being spearheaded by some donor organisations using their former employees who are now occupying higher offices in party and in government. 
The plan is to use the party to destabilise ZINASU, as ZINASU is seen as a threat to the imperialist agenda being foisted on the party. 
In conclusion and for the record, we wish to reassure the nation that ZINASU will continue to safeguard the gains of the last decade in the democratization project without fear or favour.  The MDC remains our baby.
Those who in their dreams have hallucinations that the labour and students unions will throw in the trowel and leave the party in the hands of opportunists, reactionaries and laptop revolutionaries are lost.
This elite class project and those supporting will defeated. We will not distinguish between the real enemies to the people’s cause and those that support them. 
Blessing Vava, National Spokesperson, ZINASU.